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Scientific & Manufacturing Excellence

Science innovation meets business expertise.

Among Baxter’s competitive strengths is technological expertise and commitment to innovation. As the first provider of manufacturer prepared intravenous (IV) solutions, Baxter’s expertise in the formulation, production, and purification of solutions extends back over 80 years. Since then, Baxter has applied its expertise in solutions to help pharmaceutical clients achieve commercialization and market differentiation.

Parenteral therapeutics present a variety of scientific and technical challenges, including reformulation, stability, chemical degradation, compatibility, leachables and extractables, and precipitation. Baxter can provide a variety of techniques to overcome these challenges and help ensure quality and ease of use.

Baxter offers a range of sterilization platforms to meet the unique requirements and characteristics of biopharmaceutical intravenous and injectable products, including the use of steam or heat, ethylene oxide, and gamma and electron-beam radiation to sterilize finished product, and the use of proprietary in-line technologies for aseptic manufacturing. Baxter’s proprietary GALAXY technology is the only manufacturer-prepared commercial scale aseptic filling process for premixed drugs in flexible IV bags.

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