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Sterile Contract Manufacturing


In this section, you will find articles on sterile manufacturing, parenterals, outsourcing and more. Our library of useful published articles is updated regularly to help you get the latest on Baxter’s contributions and developments.





Prefilled Syringes for Viscous Formulations

A glimpse of some of the challenges faced during the development of viscous formulations of biopharmaceutical products for injection, from a formulator’s perspective, especially when the finished product is filled in a prefilled syringe

Mahesh Chaubal, PhD, Senior Director, Drug Development, R&D Medical Products, Baxter Healthcare Corporation


BioPharm Roundtable

Trends in biopharmaceutical manufacturing/outsourcing

Bradley Newman, Sr. Director of Marketing, Baxter BioPharma Solutions

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

Handbook of Parenteral Science and Technology

Supplying the latest research on the formulation, manufacture, quality control, and regulation of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and related products, this reference contains up-to-the-minute chapters on contamination control, facilities management, inspection, distribution, GMP, sterility and stability testing, and aseptic environments.

Michael J. Akers, Ph.D., Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Research and Development at Baxter

Informa Healthcare, Publisher

QUALITY CONTROL - High-Temperature Stability | Do the Math for Shelf Life

Keys to understanding the temperature relationships and the ability to more accurately predict the expected long-term levels for a specific product.

Michelle Duncan, PhD, and Irene Zaretsky, MS

Pharmaceutical Formulation and Quality

Tech Corner: Handled with Care

A machinery manufacturer takes the time to understand a cytotoxic drug filling line in order to deliver a solution offering heightened control and safety.

Frank Generotzky, Director, Technology & Engineering

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News

Baxter – Medical Device Company of the Year

PM360 chooses Baxter as Medical Device Company of the year (Trailblazer Award) and cites Baxter’s commitment to medical innovation, sustainability, and high ethical standards

Bruce Lacey

PM360 Trailblazer Awards issue

Strategies for Becoming a Preferred Provider

A roundtable discussion of the growing emphasis throughout the pharmaceutical outsourcing arena on being a strategic, or preferred, provider.

Brik Eyre

Pharmaceutical Technology special issue

Fulfilling Capacity

Despite industry-wide consolidation, pharmaceutical companies continue to offer their expertise in contract manufacturing

Bradley Newman, Senior Director, Marketing

Chemical and Engineering News

Safety Considerations for High Potency Manufacturing

What to keep in mind with HPAI outsourcing

Frank Generotzky, Director, Technology & Engineering

Contract Pharma

Where Machine Tech Meets Biotech

A recent capacity expansion at Baxter’s BioPharma Solutions cytotoxic facility in Halle, Germany, enhanced the plant’s capabilities in several manufacturing and filling areas.

Sven Remmerbach, PMP, Associate Director, Project Management

Packaging Machinery Technology

7 Key Players on the New Normal

Seven industry leaders share their insights

Sven Remmerbach, PMP, Associate Director, Project Management

Inside Outsourcing Supplement (Advanstar)

Lifecycle Management for Injectable Brands - Timing is Everything

Effective positioning of a molecule through Lifecycle Management (LCM) strategies can maximize a company’s investment and optimize positioning relative to the competition, the primary strategic imperative for brand managers.

Kristie Zinselmeier, Director, Marketing

PM 360

Ensure Safety, Efficacy of Ready-to-Use IV Products

Insight on key stability considerations in the development of ready-to-use products.

Paula Youngberg Webb, MS;
Rao Chilamkurti, PhD

Pharmaceutical Formulation and Quality

Moving from Vials to Prefilled Syringes:  A Project Manager’s Perspective

An in-depth look at the complex issues involved in switching an injectable presentation from a liquid or lyophilized vial to a prefilled syringe, as well as a potential regulatory strategy.

Raul Soikes, Sr. Director, Project Management

Pharmaceutical Technology, Supplement on API Synthesis and Formulation 2009

The Keys to RTU Parenterals

An examination of the challenges related to formulation development of ready-to-use products.

Paula Youngberg Webb, MS;
Rao Chilamkurti, PhD

Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality

Elements of Quality by Design in Development and Scale-Up of Freeze-Dried Parenterals

A key concept in the quality by design paradigm is design space.

Dr. Steven Nail;
Jim A. Seares

BioExecutive International

Practical Technologies for Lyophilization

Understanding and Controlling Process Parameters Is Essential to Success

Lakshmi Kamath, PhD

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

ISPE Facility of the Year

An in-depth look at Baxter’s Bloomington, Indiana, USA, facility vial and syringe filling expansion.


Pharmaceutical Engineering

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