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Parenteral Delivery Systems

Safety, Simplicity & Convenience.

New clinical guidelines call for increased safety and simplicity in medication delivery. Market data demonstrates that delivery which provides convenience can build clinician preference. BioPharma Solutions provides delivery systems designed to improve compliance with safety guidelines and to reduce the potential for:

Baxter’s Frozen and Liquid Premix Systems, and BIO-SET Luer System, provide a unique menu of packaging options to meet critical patient needs while growing your product's market advantage.

Whether your product is new to market or firmly established, Baxter’s portfolio of parenteral delivery systems can create advantages even in crowded drug classes—and build long-lasting market differentiation.

Baxter offers:

Research shows that clinicians prefer packaging that saves unnecessary steps and increases time for patient care. Today, they also need solutions that help them comply with strict standards for medication admixture.

Baxter’s delivery systems eliminate many of the complex procedures required for traditional IV admixture and compounding:

Key Finding 1: Launch of Premix drives 47% incremental molecule growth

Creating an alternative delivery method can produce dramatic results. In the case of an antibiotic previously sold in vials, Baxter developed a proprietary, ready-to-use premix formulation that was quickly adopted by customers. The new presentation resulted in 47% incremental molecule growth over three years, while reducing costly delays associated with vial reconstitution and foaming.

Even in tightly competitive situations such as crowded drug classes, enhancing your product’s presentation with a differentiated package can have an immediate impact on clinician preference—and a lasting effect on product success.

Key Finding 2: Enhanced packaging introduction accelerates molecule growth. In research comparing molecule growth before and after a packaging change, products were found to grow significantly faster once available in an enhanced package.1
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Key Finding 3: Enhanced Packaging can commercially improve or defend a molecule’s price and position in the face of branded and generic competition2
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Enhance Packaging

From pre-patent expiry to post patent expiry, packaging innovations are an increasingly valuable tool for extending your molecule’s lifecycle and incremental growth. Easy-to-use, proprietary packaging not only supports your market positions by creating long-lasting differentiation, it can also help to maintain profitable pricing strategies.

Baxter offers parenteral delivery system solutions for stable and unstable molecules:


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2. STEP Research, December 2009.

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Enhance Packaging


2. STEP Research, December 2009.

Enhance Packaging


1. IMS Non-Federal Database, Q3-2005.